AVTECH Room Alert 4E Relay with Device Manager | RR4E-ET1-BAS
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The Room Alert 4E Relay is one of AVTECH's hardware solutions for "Advanced IT & Facilities Environment Monitoring, Alerting & More". It includes all of the same features as the Room Alert 4E with the addition of an included Room Alert Relay. It is designed specifically to monitor computer room temperature and other environment conditions in multiple locations up to 900' away, while allowing users the ability to turn on/off low voltage devices remotely across their network. The Room Alert 4E Relay package allows users to log environment sensor status for immediate alert notification, historical review and graphing. Alert notifications via email, email-to-SMS, SNMP and more communicate to devices like computers, mobile phones, iPhones, BlackBerrys, pagers and PDAs. The Room Alert 4E Relay offers an easy to use web browser interface for settings changes and viewing real-time sensor status from anywhere.

  • Easy Ethernet 'Plug and Play' setup for immediate IT & facilities environment monitoring.
  • Includes a built-in digital temperature sensor.
  • Includes 1 external digital temperature sensor.
  • Includes 1 Room Alert Relay.
  • Includes 2 digital sensor ports and 1 channel for switch sensors or dry contacts.
  • Advanced alerting by email, email-to-SMS, SNMP, web page update and much more.
  • Use the built-in web server, bundled Device ManageR software, or any SNMP application to monitor units network-wide.
  • The complete Room Alert 4E Relay package allows real-time sensor status, data logging, graphing, advanced alerting, Fahrenheit or Celsius, sensor values in alerts, high and low watermarks and much more.
  • Use Room Alert 4E Relay with or without a host system. That's right... No PC Required! This saves money, improves reliability, provides options.

The included Room Alert Relay includes four (4) low voltage outputs with visible status lights. The first three (3) outputs are for low voltage devices and can be individually controlled and activated directly from the Room Alert web interface or in response to an alarm condition (i.e. changing environment status). The fourth output is designed to be used as a general alarm output and will be activated whenever any of the first three (3) relay outputs are activated. This can be used to report to a primary control or fire panel. Each relay output supports a signal or power load up to 0.3A at 125VAC or 1A at 24DC.

This package is perfect for users looking to monitor temperature and other environmental conditions in their computer rooms, data centers or other facilities and take immediate action when an issue or event occurs in a remote location. In addition to being able to turn on/off almost any low voltage device, the Relay can be used to trigger automatic responses such as enabling an auto dialer, starting a sump pump, turning on/off a backup air conditioner, starting the defrost cycle on a freezer, change the status on building alarm panels and more.

The Room Alert 4E Relay package also includes a license for AVTECH's powerful Device ManageR software, an advanced solution for the discovery, management, logging, graphing, alerting and more of AVTECH's IT & Facilities Environment Monitoring hardware. It runs as a Windows Service and automatically discovers AVTECH's hardware units or Axis IP cameras across the network, allowing users to immediately be informed when environmental thresholds are passed. Device ManageR's web browser interface allows users to view and manage any or all units on their network, graph and log sensor data in real-time or over a specified date range, send out alerts if an issue or event arises, and much more.

Room Alert 4E monitors environments such as phone or wiring closets, critical rack cabinets, large computer rooms or data centers, multi building facilities and facilities of all types and sizes. It is connected via Ethernet and does not require a host PC for operation. Room Alert will help protect valuable equipment and other important assets to minimize downtime and reduce losses if a disaster does occur. It is the most cost effective environment monitor of choice for today's most demanding IT & facilities managers.

Protect Your IT Facility... Don't Wait Until It's Too Late!

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