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Most organizations don’t know how much they spend on their printer fleet annually – whether it be copiers, printers or multifunction devices – or how much time their busy IT staff is spending on low-level tasks, such as changing toner. But by evaluating your print fleet spending and then eliminating inefficiencies based on this information, your business could save up to 20 or 30 percent on printing costs. To be as efficient and cost-effective as possible, your company needs to prioritize moving from a reactive to this proactive approach, says Billy Nelson, Blue Technologies vice president of Cleveland sales, in the October issue of Smart Business magazine.

In the article “How to analyze your print spend to cut costs and waste,” Nelson touches on three ways you can be proactive in saving your company time and money through a managed print services solution.

Assessment and Analysis

To determine where your company can save time and money, you first should perform an audit of your printer fleet. A technology partner can use software to track your print operations over a period of time, as well as analyze how much support your fleet is consuming from IT and other staff members. They can then analyze this information to uncover where your inefficiencies lie.

Design and Implementation

From there, implement a strategy to mitigate these inefficiencies. By partnering with a managed print services provider, you can create a customized plan for your specific business needs – while transferring accountability for your print environment. They can streamline your entire print management process so you and your staff can focus on high-level business tasks.

Maintenance and Management

Maximize your staff resources, as well as supplies, by streamline your entire print management process through a managed service provider. Automated supply and service alerts and 24/7 remote fleet and supplies monitoring give you peace of mind, ensure you’re not wasting money on unnecessary supplies or experiencing preventable downtime, and free up your staff so they can focus on high-level business tasks.

“It all comes back to using your resources in the most efficient manner,” says Nelson. “Outsourcing to an expert managed print services provider can ensure you are doing just that, minimizing fleet downtime and print waste as well as maintenance stress on your staff.”

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