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Topics Relating to KVM, Video/Audio and Data Center Management Technology Products




The ATEN CE100 Mini Cat5 USB KVM Extender is a small form factor USB and VGA extender set used for transmitting a mouse, keyboard and VGA signal across category 5 or better cable from the host computer up to 330 feet. The ATEN CE100 mini KVM extender supports excellent video quality of1280x1024 at the maximum distance or 1920x1200at 30 meters and only requires power at the remote receiver to function properly.

The ATEN CE100 is an improvement over prior builds as it includes a manual adjustment knob on the receiver which allows you to account for cable attenuation. The design of this Cat5 extender unit also is such that it is small enough to be tucked away or hidden out of sight. This unit is perfect for an array of applications in small office/home office, commercial and industrial settings or anywhere else you need to extend your KVM console. 

ATEN CE600 Cat5 DVI KVM Extender

This ATEN Cat5 KVM extender is a device that transmits DVI-D Video (single link), a USB Keyboard console and a USB mouse over a STP (shielded twisted pair) Cat5e cable or a single UTP (unshielded twisted pair) cable. In addition to transmitting a DVI and USB signal, it will also pass serial RS232 for use in controlling the connected devices and stereo audio for your configuration.

The CE600 will allow you to place a keyboard, video display and mouse remotely at a distance up to 60m from the source computer. This DVI USB KVM extender also supports video of 1024x768 @ 60Hz to the maximum distance of 60m or 1920x1200 @ 60Hz at a slightly shorter 30m (100ft). Any person can now remotely use and manage their system through a remote DVI single link video display and a USB keyboard/mouse console. This design allows you to position your computers in a safe, centralized and secured location to minimize access to the hardware while still providing users’ the ability to use them. In order to use the RS-232, HDCP and microphone function the ATEN CE600 requires a second Cat5e cable to be run between the transmitter and receiver.

SmartAVI SDX-PLUS-S HDBaseT DVI-D, USB, IR and RS232 Extender

This HDBaseT Long Range DVI and USB extender uses the HDBaseT connectivity technology to transmit signals as far as 120 meters or 400 ft. This includes the transmission of DVI-D video and USB 1.1 for keyboard & mouse (as well as infrared and RS-232 to control displays remotely) by using one standard, low cost Cat5/Cat5e, Cat6 or better cable.The HDBaseT technology used in this extender outperforms other USB / DVI extender technologies that only go a short length and require STP Cat6 cables to transmit video, whereas this unit can go the full distance over any cable type. However, as with any extension over category cables it is recommended to utilize shielded twisted pair when the possibility of EMI (electro-magnetic interference) is near. High quality video resolution Up to 1920 x 1200 @60Hz is also supported when using this SDX-Plus-S device and there is no degradation of the video signal the further you transmit.

ATEN CE252 KVM Extender

The ATEN CE252 is a CAT5 PS2 & VGA KVM Extender which permits a user to control a KVM installation via a remotely located console (consisting of a keyboard, video display and mouse) that is situated as far as 1000 feet or 300 meters away from the computer. In addition to remote access capabilities this KVM extension set will let you connect your system at the source via the transmitter unit. This gives you greater flexibility when you need to get more work done. Both devices, which include a local transmitter unit and the remote receiver unit here support PS/2 consoles with VGA video.

A bonus feature of the ATEN CE252 KVM extender is that it includes an additional KVM port on the remote receiver unit which enables you to connect another computer system. This gives the remote user the ability to access two (2) systems, similar to a KVM switch device. The main benefit of this will be increased production and effectiveness.

Smart AVI DVX-PLUS USB 1.1 and DVI Extender

This USB DVI Extender can be used to extend distances between user consoles or connected USB DVI computers going to and from a KVM switch, which can be as far as 275ft. SmartAVI engineers recommend using two (2) category 6 STP cables when making the appropriate connections. The DVX-Plus USB DVI Extender will transmit your USB 1.1 and single link DVI video with no loss in signal, providing a crisp, clean image at the remote location while supporting video resolution of 480P, 720i/p, 1080i/p and 1920x1200.Set up is simple using plug and play technology and both units, transmitter and receiver, are power by an external adapter.

The DVX Plus extender system will improvethe appearance of video presentationsfor commercial and industrial related product demonstrations to corporate-based financial information. This USB and video extender device can be a valuable tool when used at tradeshows, in conference rooms, boardrooms, educational settings or other digital signage based video applications.

Rackmount LCD Keyboard: Work more efficiently while saving space, time and money

Rackmount LCD Keyboard is a piece of hardware used to make managing a rack of equipment much more efficient while offering space-saving features by eliminating cumbersome displays and other stand-alone console devices. Not only is it a very economical way to save space, it also saves you time by allowing you to control all your servers from a single location. The rack mount height of these keyboard drawers are 1U or 2U with a clamshell design for opening and closing. It will fit in any standard 19” server rack and is available in various styles like PS2 (PS/2) or USB, with Touchpad or Trackball Mouse, can have a Short-Depth rack mount form factor, as well as an integrated 4, 8, 16 or 32 port USB KVM Switch, PS2 KVM Switch, Cat5 KVM Switch or IP KVM Switch. These units are commonly used in military / government mobile command vehicles, command centers and commercial institutions.

Rackmount Keyboard Monitor has a wide array of features and configurations. Some of these are: being outfitted with a USB or RS232 Serial touch screen; optional video inputs including DVI, S-Video or composite (RCA/BNC) inputs; 3.5mm audio option; and a variety of keyboard layouts for different countries. Not only is this device easy to install and simple to use but it also has other important attributes. It is an ideal product to access USB enabled PCs, Macs, or Suns in your Server room and is available with a 17, 19, 20 or 20 inch widescreen LCDs and a combo KVM cable which allows it to be compatible with both USB or PS2 keyboard and mouse. It has been built into a rugged frame for use within commercial, industrial and military applications and has options for 12V, 24V, and 48V DC power. Priced in such a way it is easily affordable for any type of B2B or B2C applications. Rackmount LCD keyboard only takes little time for installation and comes with all the mounting hardware and cables necessary. It is available with an abundance of options and features to help you work more efficiently, thus saving time and money for you and your organization.

VGA Splitter: Split an HD15 VGA video signal from one source and transmit it to many VGA video displays

A VGA Video Splitter is a simple electronic unit that inputs a VGA signal from one video source and can output it to many VGA video displays or projectors. Depending on the make and model, these video splitters will normally have up to 16 video outputs, however, they also have the ability to be stacked which allows for a much larger distribution of video if your application should require it. Even though a single video source is being transmitted to potentially dozens or even hundreds of VGA displays you will not see any degradation in video quality. This is due to the frequency of the video bandwidth that strengthens the signal, which can range from 250 MHz to 450 MHz. In other words, the higher the frequency the stronger the signal, which in turn can have an effect upon the distance you can transmit your VGA signal using standard VGA cables. Most video amplifiers also support the DDC, DDC2 and DDC2B communication protocols that are used to tell the video graphics adapter which resolutions the displays will support. This helps make these products plug and play friendly for ease of use and setup.

Other terminology used to describe the VGA splitter are distribution amplifier or video booster. The use of this verbiage comes from the fact that you are distributing a signal out to multiple locations that are being amplified or boosted by the device through which it is being transmitted. VGA boosters are a necessity when you need to transmit high quality graphics to multiple displays while maintaining images that are crisp and clear. VGA splitters are built with a variety of designs such as desktop or rack mount with enclosures made of plastic or metal and for every situation including SOHO or large scale commercial and industrial applications. These video splitters are also available is sizes of 2, 4, 8 or 16 ports, with the larger models typically built to be mounted in a server rack. Some models will also have additional options such as support for audio or RS-232.

The VGA splitter is used in many different environments such as schools, presentation rooms, grocery stores, for training, narrowcasting or screen media or anywhere else high end video needs transmitted to two or more displays.

Convert DVI to VGA: Extend the life of legacy devices by converting the video source from digital to analog

A video player or graphics output that utilizes DVI technology can be converted and connected to a legacy VGA monitor or other analog based display device by using a DVI to VGA video converter. By converting your digital source signal to analog you can easily extend the life of your existing equipment instead of spending thousands to replace it.
These video converters are compatible with a range of video resolutions from 800x600 all the way up to 1920x1200 and 1080p. Some high-end DVI converters will support the full gamut by using integrated dip switches to set the required video, while other units come with pre-configured settings the unit is capable of supporting.  With a video bandwidth of 1.65Gbps (Single Link DVI) this unit provides crisp and clear images for any application. High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP) compliance allows it to function properly when used with HDCP compliant devices.

A DVI to VGA converter, otherwise known as a digital to analog video converter, can be designed in various form factors to meet different configuration needs. Some units are built in a metal enclosure that can be placed on a desktop or tucked safely out of sight and others come in a smaller dongle format that connects directly to the rear of the video source device. Regardless of the design, all of these video converters have a DVI input (DVI-D or DVI-I) and a VGA (HD15) output, with some models supporting a local monitor or display. Digital to analog video converters are simple to use and setup with plug and play technology that requires no drivers or software installation.

A DVI-D to VGA converter is an excellent return on your original equipment investment and provides for continued use and enjoyment of your current devices. Video converters can be found in many different environments, including home entertainment centers, government or commercial configurations and medical applications.

1U Rackmount Monitor: Sturdy design saves rack space in harsh environments

A ruggedized, manufacturing grade flat panel LCD monitor built within a wall, or rack mountable frame for use in tough environments with minimal space is known as a rackmount monitor.  These displays are designed in a rackmount enclosure made of metal with a screen that is protected by impact or break resistant materials. These LCDs are great space savers and fit perfectly in a compact environment rack. The 17 to 20 inch monitors support resolutions of 1024x768 and 1600x1200. It is compatible with SUN’s native resolution of 1152x900 as well. With 12V, 24V, and 48V DC power options, the 1U Rackmount monitor is compatible with HP, Sun, Dell, MACs, IBM, and other operating systems. These units can also be designed in 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10RU.

The main components of the unit include an analog to digital signal converter board, panel button controls, an on-screen display (OSD) and is fitted with a standard D-sub 15-pin VGA input connector. One of the most prominent and popular features of this device is its flip up design and adjustable brackets. The OSD allows the admins to observe video data from a distance, through glass rack doors that are fastened shut. Several popular supplementary options include: sunlight readability, shallow depth or short depth, and touch screen control. These options are often required for specialized applications.

Designed with a black anodized aluminum front panel, the 1U LCD has telescopic slides with lockout rails to prevent sliding of the drawer, which is best in mobile environments. Working on straightforward plug and play functionality, these devices do not entail any supplementary software or drivers for operation. The 1U rackmount monitor is also available in a quad screen model which allows users to monitor video signals from up to four camera outputs and display these into one single video signal for simultaneous display and recording.

Due to these specific features the 1U rackmount monitor is extremely useful in a variety of applications such as monitoring and training facilities, military, hospitals, and government environments.

HDMI Extension: Transmitting high definition video over great distances

The purpose of an HDMI extender is to transfer HD video over a long distance. Greater expanse is accomplished by interconnecting the transmitting end or balun to the receiving end or balun. Depending to the type of HDMI extension device, this can be done with Cat5/Cat6/Cat7 cables or through fiber optics. In addition, the transmitter (Tx) is connected to the HDMI source, such as a DVD player, and the receiver is connected to the remote display monitor. Once all of the proper cable connections are in place, the device is equipped for use.

Operational functionality is based on standard plug and play technology, which means no installation of control software is necessary to use the HDMI extender. Since the connections are made using low-cost and non-bulky ethernet cabling, it reduces the mess caused by unwieldy VGA video cables and also cuts down on the restriction of length you can transmit video that typical HDMI cables allow.

The HDMI Fiber Optic Extender uses the extremely reliable SC or LC multi-mode fiber optical cable types, depending on model, and both ensure these connections work at great distances. Signal information for DDC and CEC on some units may need to be transferred over copper wire using a RJ-45 connection. Support for HDTV up to 1080p resolution is capable of being sent by using this method. In addition, certain HDMI extender models also include an RS232 option for control via IR remote.

HDMI fiber optic cable extenders which have HMDI connectors integrated onto fiber optic cabling, are compatible with various HDMI standards up to v1.3, and these units are also HDCP compliant. Cables lengths can range from as long as 330ft to as short as 33ft to accommodate a variety of configurations. These cables are capable of HDTV resolutions of 1080p and PC video of 1920x1080 with a video bandwidth of 2.25Gbps.
Some of the key features of the HDMI cable extender include simple setup using plug-and-play technology and working with all OS's, such as Windows and Linux. Additionally, these devices have the ability to regenerate digital HD audio and video while eliminating signal interference.
The biggest reason presently causing the need for this type of HDMI extension device the capability of supporting High-Bandwidth Digital Content Protection or HDCP, which is the standard being used so digital content that is copyrighted will be protected from piracy. This function is required to guarantee the presentation of video that is compliant with HDCP. Compliance with HDCP is accomplished by using encryption technology when sending the source signal to the video display device.

Video Switch: Toggle between multiple video sources for viewing on a single LCD monitor

Video Matrix Switch: View many video sources in a matrix of combinations on multiple displays

 HDMI Splitter: Split and transmit HD audio/video to two or more displays

Digital Signage: Used for Global Advertising

RKP-1700e: Rackmount 17 inch LCD console with USB/PS2 interface keyboard and touchpad in 1U

19 inch widescreen open frame display panel for industrial applications

USB 1.1 Extender: Extend up to Four USB Devices Using Cat5 Cable

15" LCD Console Drawer: Control a PS2 or USB Server Rack System in 1U of Space

6.5 Inch Panel Mount Display: Perfect for Use in Digital Signage Applications

1080p Cat5 HDMI Extender: Transmit HD Video up to 360 Feet with Cat5 or Better Cabling

Projector Ceiling Mount: Efficiently Display Video in Your Home or Office Environment

 SmartVM Tips

Find the topics relating to KVM, video/audio and data center management answered and explained by our technical experts. From common questions and overviews to those more specific questions asked by our customers, we try to give you a broad understanding to how rackmount parts work and integrate into your systems, all the way to understanding how to connect extenders to your current audio/visual components. Learn more by exploring, or contact us to ask a more in depth question.

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